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Hello world

So, I just graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and find myself not writing very much on a daily basis.

I was feeling giddy recently, and since I no longer have my hot pink diary that I secretly wish someone would read like one of those Sweet Valley High twins, I decided to start a blog. I feel like this online journal will provide some great insight into the life of me … a 20 something trying to put up a perimeter around her life without letting Fantastic Mr. Fox in.

I am currently located in San Jose, which I like to think of as suburbia cloning itself to the point where it thinks it found a genetic mutation in something that resembles a city. Shockingly, my residence of the last seven years has a higher population than its much cooler cousin, San Francisco. Just as I was disappointed that Hollywood really isn’t the home to those big movie studios, San Jose technically isn’t home to those Internet Godzillas such as Google or Yahoo!. Despite my criticism of my current city of residence, I do feel pretty excited for the reopening of its zoo, Happy Hollow.

Maybe the city can do some philanthropy work and import all of the animals from China’s attempt at saving animals. Maybe the chicken bones were actually toys manufactured from within the country.

Until next time,


About Julianne Shapiro

Opinions are my own personal ones. My passion for publishing amazing content started when I created a website about one of the most popular British bands of our time, which was featured in Q magazine. On screen, I'm a driven digital publishing professional with more than 8 years combined experience working in marketing, sales, editorial and digital development in the hospitality and publishing industries. I've done everything from interviewing rock stars to marketing networking events for Silicon Valley executives.


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