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Well, life at more than 24.5 has proved to be quite adventurous.

When Puddle was sick, I was having a very difficult time studying for the GMAT. I stumbled upon this awesome graduate program at Pace University for publishing and was floored by how interesting the university combined business-oriented classes with my passion for editing. Now I am completely stoked to be learning about the electronic and legal aspects of the publishing industry. It’ll definitely be a lot more cerebral than anything I’ve done this entire year … which has been a whole pile of nothing new or challenging.

Needless to say, after a daunting task of conquering the GREs, I’m moving to Queens next month. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve missed the East’s mosquitos and humidity, but I do miss real seasons, down-to-Earth people and that city feeling of just being alive and loving every second of it.

I’m excited to visit Ellis Island again, enjoy the view from the Empire State Building and take walks in Central Park. A lot of fun, free things also await me … unlike San Jose, which seems like a suburban sprawl slash wasteland with people with nothing better to do than party their body parts away.

So, this weekend is a farewell party and a yard sale. Back in Connecticut, we referred to them as tag sales, but really, the same thing. For my first (blank) sale, I’m surprised I’ve accumulated so much crap as a young adult.

“How many hours of my life working did I waste on this that I’m selling for a significantly less amount?” Bah. Does it all really matter in the end? Does your inventory really matter?

On a different note, I noticed craigslist.com is now requiring an account for posting purposes. Now, I’m sure you’re all with me on this, but that’s such a long time coming. I had no issue with it sending a text message with a verification code to my phone. Hurray for technology.

Until next time,

Jules or better than diamonds


About Julianne Shapiro

Opinions are my own personal ones. My passion for publishing amazing content started when I created a website about one of the most popular British bands of our time, which was featured in Q magazine. On screen, I'm a driven digital publishing professional with more than 8 years combined experience working in marketing, sales, editorial and digital development in the hospitality and publishing industries. I've done everything from interviewing rock stars to marketing networking events for Silicon Valley executives.


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