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I took the plunge

Yes, after months and months of saving for my big move to Manhattan after graduating with my Bachelor of Science in journalism from San Jose State University, I decide it was time to upgrade my tech and life, and shell out a little of that hard-earned cash. Everyone needs a little somethin’ somethin’ every once in a while ;).

Purchase #1

Goodbye, T-Mobile! Yes, I’ve been a loyal customer since I was 17, but your service didn’t even work in my small Manhattan flat. My boyfriend and I had to sign up for a LAND LINE, which seems quite ancient by today’s standards, just to receive phone calls. Luckily, my contract was up, and I made the move to Verizon with its fantastic Droid II for just ONE PENNY. Yes, I really lucked out with the pre-Black Friday bargain. I love you, AmazonWireless. The Droid II is normally $200. Overall, I love the new device. It’s such an upgrade over my G1 phone … awesome tray full of fun apps, a live wallpaper, a battery that doesn’t want to kill itself every five seconds … etc. etc. etc.

Next, a KINDLE. Wow, I’ve wanted an e-reader for TOO long, and my Mom was wonderful enough to think of this as my early birthday gift. Although I definitely don’t think its case is worth $40, the technology on this thing is amazing. E-ink is such a brilliant invention and concept. I always have a compulsive need to print something out to read it, but not with this. Unfortunately, I do find myself tapping the Kindle’s screen instead of using its navigation buttons, but I’ll get used to it. Honestly, the thing looks like a child’s toy. I have a complimentary subscription to Reader’s Digest, which is a lot of fun, although the section layouts on the Kindle is on the ugly side. Overall, I’m very happy with this product, and once I have more free time to play with it, I’m going to start to go to town with the e-books. Amazon’s library dominates over Barnes & Noble, and I really could care less about color with an e-reader and free e-books. Sorry! As far as the iPad goes, I would probably use the device for business purposes more than reading purposes, so I’m waiting for the price tag to lower and the technology to advance.

Lastly, a Wii with Wii Fit Plus. Now, this purchase was on Black Friday evening at my local Best Buy. Although I tend to like white accessories, I got a LITTLE caught up in wanting a limited edition red Wii. Best Buy was sold out at the time, and after browsing Life by Keith Richards at Barnes & Noble, I came back an hour later and bought the first in a fresh batch of red Wiis. Now, I have NEVER bought anything related to video games for myself in my LIFE. This is a first and a fairly large purchase, but hey, health is health, and I just don’t see myself as someone who goes to the gym every day. The gaming aspect is rather fun, and I don’t feel like a fool running in place in my apartment, although I’m sure the neighbors below us probably have a complain or two. I’m really looking forward to working out with this every day once my schedule clears up a bit. Say hello to the new hula hoop champion of the world!

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Opinions are my own personal ones. My passion for publishing amazing content started when I created a website about one of the most popular British bands of our time, which was featured in Q magazine. On screen, I'm a driven digital publishing professional with more than 8 years combined experience working in marketing, sales, editorial and digital development in the hospitality and publishing industries. I've done everything from interviewing rock stars to marketing networking events for Silicon Valley executives.


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