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I’ve Surfaced!

Yes, after 1.5 years of having zero time to do anything other than homework, work, and writing a 40-page thesis, I am faced with the wonderful fortune  of having spare time in my tiny flat in Brooklyn. What is this thing? Anyway, here I am, updating my blog that began when I was bored out of my mind not running the student newspaper every day all those years ago.

I’d like to just take a moment to reflect on the last year and a half of my life and some direction I really want this to go. Making the switch from focusing on creating and editing content to making decisions about how to sell actual products and creating enthusiasm around that has been quite the journey. Journalism gave me a way to express my voice and fine tune the heck out of it, but obtaining a degree that helped me understand the financial aspects of publishing, along with distribution and marketing, has really helped tie the business together. Last year I went through identifying qualified leads to exploring the value of social media in digital publishing to learning CSS and doing design work. Wow. I can’t believe the amount of knowledge I packed in such a short amount of time.

So, I’m taking a step back and will utilize this pocket of the Internet for longer commentary about technology, news, and publishing as I see fit throughout all of my adventures. 2011 was about how long I couldn’t go without listening to Spotify, so we’ll see what this year brings. Stay tuned and as the Beach Boys put it, “stay true to your school.”

—A Happy Pace University M.S. Publishing Graduate, December 2011—

Check out my hard work in graduate school by clicking here.


About Julianne Shapiro

Opinions are my own personal ones. My passion for publishing amazing content started when I created a website about one of the most popular British bands of our time, which was featured in Q magazine. On screen, I'm a driven digital publishing professional with more than 8 years combined experience working in marketing, sales, editorial and digital development in the hospitality and publishing industries. I've done everything from interviewing rock stars to marketing networking events for Silicon Valley executives.


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