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Droid II Experience

I hate to say it, but my G1, YES, G1 circa 2009, smartphone outperformed my Droid II on the user experience. I don’t think I’ll ever purchase a Motorola product anytime soon, unless it was free and I “decided” I could use another phone line just for the hell of it. But seriously, the Gmail app on my phone doesn’t even refresh, so I can’t even see if I have new email, I need to go through the BROWSER. This is a simple reason as to why we have smartphones in the first place. Plus, the keyboard was far better on the G1 phone. My knuckles weren’t about to go Bruce Lee on my screen. Continue reading


Mix and Match

I am a big fan of brand loyalty when it comes to products because it makes my life simpler. But we do live in a era where we’re tempted to mix and match. I own a MacBook Pro and own a G1 phone by Google. I was debating between an iPhone and a G1 phone … Continue reading